Saturday, July 6, 2013

Movie Review: Anna Karenina

The review can basically be summed up in one statement, but I'll give you some traditional bullet points as well.  That statement is:

Most of the time I had no idea what was happening, but it was beautiful to look at.

That sums up my experience of Anna Karenina.  I probably should have prefaced with the fact that I have not read the novel by Leo Tolstoy.  Seeing this film makes me want to read it, to fill in the holes, but then I remember reading War & Peace, and I start hyperventilating all over again.

Oh yeah!  Bullet points:
  • Who thought Aaron Taylor Johnson with a porn star moustache and blonde tips was attractive??
  • Whoever thought they could make Jude Law unattractive?
  • The theatre/film thing was fascinating.  Confusing (and I'm not sure I understand the point), but fascinating.
  • I want every single costume Keira Knightley wears.  EVERY. ONE.
  • Cameo by Lady Mary Crawley!
  • Cameo by Moaning Myrtle
  • Why won't this movie end?  It's only 2:10, but it felt much longer towards the end there.
And this conversation happened:
My Unit:  "When did this movie come out?"
Me:  "Last year."
Her:  "Did you rent it just because it's a period piece?"
Me:  "Yes.  AND because I wanted to see it."

Then later when it wouldn't end:
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it.  Love is horrible.  People are horrible.  It's always the same fucking story.  Will you please write a story that isn't the same as every other fucking story?"
I'm working on it...

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