Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And the Winner Is...

After much calculating, counting, retabulating, and the assistance of three cats, one circus dog, and some hanging chad, a winner in Leonard's celebratory giveaway has been determined!

And the winner is...

Facebook user Heather!!!


Dear Heather wins her choice of knitwear from my stash, a short story in her honor, or a commissioned Strongly Worded Letter.  Watch this space to see which she picks.

Thanks for helping Leonard celebrate 1,000 hits!  We managed to do that in just under a month, so let's make it to 5,000 hits before Halloween -- woohoo!


  1. Okay, if that's what you REALLY want...I pledge to hit you 5,000 times before October 31st. It's your will...and it shall be done.