Saturday, June 29, 2013

Leonard Wants to Give You Stuff!

It's true!  I promised to give stuff away when we hit 1,000 hits, and dammit we're at 1,022!  Since there was basically one vote for each item, I'll let the winner choose from:
  • a piece of knitwear from my stash
  • a commissioned Strongly Worded Letter
  • a short fiction written in their honor
Here's how it works:  if you see this link on Facebook, click "like."  If you're a Tumblr follower, reblog the post, and if you're on Twitter, do what the cool kids do and retweet.  Once the winner has been picked, I'll be contacting you regarding your choice of prize. 

Now let's make it to 5,000, people!


  1. Replies
    1. Actually, I was just gonna ask if you were but given the nature of our online relationship I had to go with the argumentative way of inquiring.

    2. Yes, we can't deviate from our established way of doing things.