Monday, June 17, 2013

I Need an Adult!

Today at work, I was standing in front of the sea lion habitat.  Two families (with a total of five children) were about to take a picture of the kids in front of the habitat.  I said, "Oh, use these!" and pulled the sea lion and harbor seal (yes, Virginia, there is a difference!) stuffed animals out of my bag for their photo op.

After the photo, the kids asked if they could play with them.  I said sure!  The stuffed animals are also puppets, which they soon discovered.  The kids played with the puppets while I explained something or other about sea lions to the parents.  I was talking with my hands as I am wont to do, and one of the kids -- a boy around 8 or so probably -- chomped on my hand with the sea lion puppet ("Rawr!").  I played along.  "Oh noes!  I'm being eaten by a sea lion!"

Then said eight-years-old-or-so male child "chomped" again with the puppet directly on my boob:  "RAWR!"

My immediate reaction was to push his hand away and say, "Hey, watch yourself there!"  Then I got the puppet away from him as soon as I could without ripping it off of his hand.  The parents apparently didn't see because they didn't say anything.  I'm sorry, but at that age, that kid knew what he was doing, and being fondled by a child was not how I wanted to start my day.

On the upside, later in the day, a little baby grinned and held out his arms to me, and I got to hold him for a bit.  I wanted to steal him.

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