Friday, May 31, 2013

What I Did

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by your insincere "goodbye and thank you."  What did I expect, really?  I guess I expected you to have thought of what you were going to say in order to make the lie that much more convincing.  I guess I thought you would have prepared so you didn't fumble for words and look above me at fluorescent light beams.

It was obvious from the banality of your words and by the effort you had to expend to grope for just those few vague phrases that you have no idea what I did over the past two years.  And in your defense, I suppose it doesn't look all that great on paper.  I did not head any committees.  I did not make any sweeping changes to existing protocols.  I did not cure cancer.  I did not build a better mousetrap.

Perhaps if you came out of your office at all, you might know what I did over the past two years, but since you clearly had no idea, I have some "textual evidence" for you.  HERE is what I did:

And that's just ONE of the notes I received.  I'm well aware that the letter is not perfect, but I think that makes it all the more meaningful because she hit the nail on the head when she said how much she has improved.  Her skills improved, her confidence grew, and I clearly made an impression for her to go out of her way to compose, type, print, and hand-deliver this letter (and its attached gift of a coffee mug filled with Hershey's Kisses).

I told myself I wasn't going to swear in this entry, despite my anger, but fuck you, THAT's what I did.  Every day.  For two years.  To over two hundred little people/burgeoning adults.  Fuck you for being unable to see that.


  1. Then it seems to me that your time there was very consequential despite that one person's myopia. It's her (and their) loss.

  2. Nice post! I truly owe you for the skills you taught me and use them in my writing focused fledgling career everyday. With out your guidance and confidence building I would not be as successful out of college as I have been. THANKS!