Tuesday, January 12, 2016

365 Days; 52 Weeks

*patiently waits for everyone to finish humming "Seasons of Love" from Rent before carrying on*

When I first read this story about 365-day projects, I thought, That's cool.  I should do that.  That will take a lot of discipline.  But it was towards the end of the year, so I thought, I should start this next year.  Nowhere, of course, do the project rules state that it must take place in one calendar year, but for whatever reason, that is how my brain interpreted it.  And so I filed it away.

Lo and behold, it was January 9th, and I had been reading a friend's daily haiku on Facebook and realized, It's a 365-day project!  I was going to do this!  Crap, it's too late now!  Again, my brain seems convinced that 365 days = 1 calendar year.

Upon further reflection, I think I realized that attempting to do something (extra) once a day, every day would just be setting myself up for failure.  Look at previous attempts for a reading list or even NaNoWriMo.  Leonard does not have a good history when it comes to follow-through (don't even get me started on the broken-hearted failure [or at least postponement] of the Hobbit project).  So attempting to do something new, every day, in addition to a full-time job and being a professional actor and, y'know, having four animals and a partner and making sure we don't just sit around in our own filth,....it may be asking too much.

But doing something once a week -- that sounds reasonable.  So my proposal is this:  at least one new blog post a week for 52 weeks (all year long).  The rules are these:
  • It must be something new (no recycling of old material or simply reposting links to old things)
  • It must be at least once a week; it's very possible that I will post multiple times a week, but that doesn't mean I'll be "off the hook" for the following weeks.
  • I'm still of two minds regarding Blogger's "schedule" ability; I can schedule posts to be published in the future.  Will those scheduled pieces "count" for the week in which they are published?  Or do I still have to do something?  Some things are time sensitive, some need to be on certain dates.  Like I said, I'm of two minds about this (feel free to give your opinion in the comments).
Wish me luck!

We are burdened with glorious purpose and words.

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